BBC World News ad mobile campaign to generate buzz in New York City

Groundbreaking interactive advertising campaign to get New Yorkers thinking.

June 1st, 2006 – The biggest world events and hottest news topics are the central feature of the new advertising campaign by BBC World, which launches today in New York City. The outdoor campaign, created by BBDO New York, supports the official launch of the 24-hour BBC World channel in the U.S. The campaign communicates ‘unbiased international news’, through three thought-provoking and impactful creative approaches.

The first – “Develop a Point of View” – is an interactive digital billboard situated on the corner of Broadway and 50th Street. The first-of-its-kind billboard displays dramatic news photographs and invites people to text in their votes on key news issues. New Yorkers and visitors can vote whether illegal immigrants should be considered “citizens” or “criminals”; U.S. soldiers, “occupiers” or “liberators”; bird flu, “imminent” or “preventable”; and China “befriend” or “beware”.

The votes will appear on the billboard in real-time and the updated tallies will be broadcast twice daily on WFAN’s « Imus in the Morning » show, as part of the BBC World radio promotion.

Seema Kotecha, Head of Marketing at BBC World, said: “BBC World has decided to develop an unprecedented, bold and interactive campaign to generate buzz around New York and spark debate around some of the key global news issues that affect all of us. These powerful images highlight the global perspective and the impartiality of coverage, for which BBC World is known around the world.

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