First dual-mode WiMax and CDMA phone revealed

Samsung dual-mode slider phone supports CDMA and WiBro.

Samsung has revealed a dual-mode mobile phone which supports mobile WiMax wireless internet access and standard 3G CDMA technology, industry sources have revealed to

The prototype next-generation handset is being shown at the CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore, according to sources who have seen the phone.

The new Samsung dual-mode slider phone supports CDMA and WiBro, a Korean-developed variant of the 802.16e mobile WiMax standard.

No other information has emerged about the prototype, and the company’s headquarters had not replied to questions by the end of office hours in Korea.

Korean media reported last month that Samsung was rumoured to be working on a new WiBro device, dubbed the Dual-Band Dual-Mode phone. The rumours appear to refer to the product unveiled in Singapore.

Among other products on show in Singapore, Samsung launched what it claims is the world’s thinnest phone, the 6.9mm Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) which weighs 66g.

The company also released a 12.9mm phone with a 3-megapixel camera. These new phones all have 80MB of memory.

Korean telecoms service providers and manufacturers are strongly backing the WiBro standard. Korea Telecom, the country’s largest provider of fixed-line phone services, plans to launch a commercial WiBro service this month, according to the Korea Times.

The WiMax and WiBro wireless internet standards operate in a similar way to Wi-Fi, but offer a range measured in kilometres rather than tens of metres, and speeds ranging from hundreds of kilobits per second to several megabits per second.

First dual-mode WiMax and CDMA phone revealed –

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Uncertainty remains about the compatibility of current WiBro devices with the full WiMax standard or its mobile offshoot.

Korean firms backing WiBro, such as LG, said last year that they will make 802.16e mobile WiMax and WiBro fully interoperable, but it is not clear whether this has yet been achieved.

The 802.16e standard was ratified by the IEEE in December. Samsung has recently begun describing WiBro as « the Korean brand name of mobile WiMax technology ».

Telecis, a US-based chip developer founded by a former researcher engineer for Samsung and Korea Telecom, has developed the TCW 2720 chip which supports WiMax and WiBro as well as the latest Wi-Fi standards.

Some companies, most notably Nokia, have already launched mobile phones which can connect to wireless internet networks and GSM/CDMA mobile networks. These phones, however, are limited to the short range 802.11x Wi-Fi wireless Lan technology.

Wireless VoIP phone calls carried on mobile WiMax networks have been mooted as a potential competitor to traditional mobile phone services.

It has been suggested that WiMax, possibly in conjunction with Wi-Fi, could provide unlimited free calls for a fixed monthly fee, but potential issues of call quality and limited bandwidth remain unresolved.

First dual-mode WiMax and CDMA phone revealed –

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2 Réponses to “First dual-mode WiMax and CDMA phone revealed”

  1. WiMAX Says:

    VOIP over WiMAX have potential. At least in future.
    But there is a lack of WiMAX phones now.
    All we can see now is just prototypes.

  2. WIBRO Says:

    Reliability is the key !
    present mobile terminals will still be available, because of their reliability.
    Wibro could already replace mobile telecom as it is seen now, but they must stil be made as reliable as present mobile features are. This is not at all the case. We can’t rely on wireless broadband for voice communiqee

    If I would have a Wibro connection, I would use it for outgoing calls when possible. I would never rely on it for to be called on or to call from…I would stil have my mobile phone number working for me.
    This is the Dilema that wil prevent wibro telecom from being something in the near future..I don’t see it happening in 10 years time. It wil have to prove it’s reliability standing beside the present telecom technologie.

    But I see Wibro arriving and making a lot more features possible, I see it complementing Mobile telecom as it is present day.
    One day, there could be a free Wibro network for whole countries. Every phone could have a wibro connection, Telecom providers could stream video calls for their customers for free..
    This is just a matter of finance, government and time. But..everyone want to make a buck or wil not be free.

    But wibro can make a very big difference… is not at all impossible to implement Wibro for a whole country. A state could make a Wibro network for the nation. Giving people the option to let their ISP stream the internet package for what they are paying for through that nationwide wibro network. Thus creating a shift in the paradigm of home internet. Finacing through taxes and so forth. Linking people of a country to each other in this way, can bring a nation together. mobiles all over, connected. Streaming video’s, connecting homes….everthing is possible with it…but it has to be a nation thing…not just for the priveledged.

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