Mobile Marketing – Nokia Announces N80 Internet Edition

Nokia fires a shot across bows of Internet smartphones with its N80 Internet Edition, featuring VoIP, Wi-Fi, Yahoo services, three megapixel camera, and more.

Finland’s Nokia today announced its N80 Internet Edition mobile phone, a successor to its N80 multimedia phone, The N80 Internet edition can be used both as a stanard mobile phone and as a VoIP handset; Nokia promises users will be able to download and install clients for virtually any VoIP service. In addition to the standard smartphone capabilities—calendar, email, text messaging, organizer, etc.—the N80 enables users to find and map locations, browse the Internet, share photos, and more.

« Mobilizing the internet is a major strategic focus for Nokia and I’m excited to see how people can participate on the internet using the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, » said Ralph Eric Kunz, Nokia’s vice president for multimedia, in a statement. « The internet has evolved from static web pages to communities and people sharing experiences. I believe it will be multimedia computers, such as the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, that will be primary devices for people to participate in this phenomenon, in addition to PCs. »

Part of the N80 Internet Edition’s promise: Nokia’s new Download! client, which enables users to see new applications available for their phones, as well as download updates for their current applications. The N80 also sports a MiniMap function in its Web browser which plots search listings on onscreen maps, and compatibility with’s MobiPocket reader, plus Yahoo Go for Mobile and an integrated Yahoo search clients. Add to this a three megapixel video-capable camera, a 352 by 316 pixel color display, up to 40 MB of onboard storage (with expansion via miniSD cards), an integrated music player (MP3, AAC, m5a, eAAC_, and WMA), an FM receiver, Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless networking, and USB 2.0, Nokia may have reason to think they have a winner on their hands.

Nokia says the N80 Internet Edition will be available in two colors—pearl black and patina bronze—by mid-September. No pricing information is available: that’ll all depend on carriers and network operators.

Nokia Announces N80 Internet Edition – Mobile News – Digital Trends

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