Myspace Bulletin : Unilever-owned Lynx first UK advertiser to launch a ‘branded community’ on MySpace

Unilever-owned Lynx has become the first UK advertiser to launch a ‘branded community’ on MySpace, promoting its male grooming products to the site’s 4m UK users.
towelboy on myspace
Lynx is pushing its Boost shower gel range through the News Corp-owned social network, leading users to, a promotional site reliant on user-generated content.

On MySpace users are encouraged to interact with Towel Boy, the TV star of Lynx’s latest ad campaign, who introduces himself as a ‘semi-naked superstar’. ‘This MySpace page is a master-class in the way of the Towel,’ his profile reads.

Users are then encouraged to visit the Lynx Boost website where they can submit videos of themselves partying in towels, for the chance to win a ‘Manwash’ from Lynx’s Boost Babes.

Sports company Adidas was one of the first to create branded communities on MySpace in the US but Unilever’s deal is the first MySpace has struck outside the US.

Jay Stevens, VP of sales operations at MySpace, admitted that Lynx has created a « fairly basic community », but said that there are several profiles under development that will offer brands and users more opportunities to interact through polls, contests, forums and user-generated content.

« Branded communities offer advertisers a place on MySpace which is distinctly theirs, » he said. « It also gives MySpace users the chance to interact with brands to an extent that’s just not possible in a normal web environment. »

Stevens said MySpace plans to extend localised branded communities to other countries although he said the current priority for the company is to provide each country with content in their native language.

He maintained, however, that MySpace won’t host branded communities from companies who don’t fit with the MySpace image.

« Privacy and user-experience are the most important things for MySpace, » he said.

« We’re not forcing users to affiliate with brands, it’s more of a permission branding model, » he added.

Agency Republic and Mindshare Interaction were behind Lynx’s MySpace campaign.

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  1. Myspace Bulletin : 222 Ads Profiles on “Ads My Friends” « …… MOBILE ALLEY …… Says:

    […] Myspace Bulletin : Unilever-owned Lynx first UK advertiser to launch a ‘branded community’ on MySpace […]

  2. Lane Says:

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