Mobile Marketing : Research Shows that Targeting and Relevance are Key to Making Mobile Advertising Work

Boston/London/Mumbai– Enpocket, the Intelligent Mobile MarketingTM company, today unveiled the findings from the first global report into consumer acceptance of mobile advertising, conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. Mobile advertising enables brands to serve clickable display ads to mobile Internet sites and alongside mobile editorial and content.

The Consumer Mobile Advertising report, conducted with more than 1,200 mobile Internet users across the US, Europe and India, reveals that consumers are far more accepting of mobile advertising when it is made relevant. The research shows that targeted mobile advertising is 50 percent more acceptable to mobile Internet users than untargeted ads. 78 percent said they would be happy to receive mobile advertising that is tailored to their interests. Of those, 64 percent would be willing to provide personal details to be analyzed to improve relevance of targeted ads. In addition, 58 percent of respondents would prefer banner ads displayed on mobile Internet pages to mobile marketing text messages that they have not opted into.

“Consumers are ready for mobile advertising but with an important caveat: ads must be targeted. Operators have the demographic, transactional and behavioral data necessary to deliver marketing and advertising that meets the consumer need for relevant advertising on this most personal of devices. Forward thinking operators, publishers and brand advertisers are realizing that this is a key requirement to long-term success in the medium,” said Mike Baker, CEO, Enpocket.

The report also shows that mobile operators can reduce churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU) if they leverage consumer data to personalize content merchandising and promotion. 57 percent of respondents said that they would be more willing to continue their service if their carrier personalized services and products to their needs. 42 percent said they would be more likely to buy more mobile content if they received personalized recommendations.

Enpocket research helps operators, brands and media companies to develop consumer-centric mobile marketing and mobile advertising programs.

Harris Methodology

This study on Consumer Advertising was conducted by Harris Interactive between 31st July and 23rd August 2006 among 1,240 adults in the UK, US and India who were aged 16 and over and who had used the Internet on their mobile phone at some stage in the past (whether that be daily, weekly, monthly or rarely).

About Enpocket

Enpocket, the Intelligent Mobile Marketing™ company, enables organizations to foster and maintain valuable relationships with mobile consumers. Enpocket technology powers the mobile marketing efforts of operators and media companies around the world, and Enpocket services help leading brands effectively market in the mobile channel. Customers include:

Mobile Carriers: Cingular, Sprint, Alltel, Vodafone, BT, Orange, Airtel, Virgin

Media Companies: News Corp, CNBC, A&E, Clear Channel, Chrysalis, Internet Broadcast Systems, Sony Pictures, TNT, Trinity Mirror

Brands: McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Pepsi, Subway, Motorola, Samsung, Panasonic, BenQ-Siemens, Sprite and GM.

Enpocket has offices in Boston, London, Singapore, and Mumbai. To learn more see

Research Shows that Targeting and Relevance are Key to Making Mobile Advertising Work


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2 Réponses to “Mobile Marketing : Research Shows that Targeting and Relevance are Key to Making Mobile Advertising Work”

  1. Salil Says:

    Nice info. I don’t see any harm in providing targeted advertising content in mobile phones unless they remain ‘targeted’ as mobile phone operators, especially in India where I live, have a tendency to hide a lot from thier customers.

    Being a mobile geek, I also found an interesting blog like on Mobile Industry, dealing with lastest happenings in mobile industry.

  2. Salil Says:

    Here is the URL-

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