YouTube serving 100 million videos a day

Video sharing site YouTube, which was acquired by Google earlier this week, is now serving a staggering 100 million videos a day.

Statistics released by web monitoring firm comScore show that YouTube served an average of 100 million video streams a day during July.

The site was visited by 63 million people aged 15 and over during the month, with an average of 6.2 million users a day. YouTube was the 17th most visited site worldwide for the month.

YouTube served nearly three billion video streams worldwide in July, representing slightly less than a quarter of the total activity streamed to US locations.

On an average daily basis for the month, 96 million streams were served worldwide and 21 million in the US.

« Several media outlets have reported that YouTube streamed 100 million videos daily in July, and the results of our recent study corroborate this report, » said Gian Fulgoni, chairman of comScore Networks.

« In fact, our daily streaming data shows that YouTube first surpassed the 100 million threshold on 17 July, which coincides with YouTube’s own announcement that it had reached this impressive mark.

« Our streaming data covering more recent months will be published shortly, and will show that YouTube’s streaming total now far surpasses 100 million per day. »

Google agreed to acquire YouTube for $1.65bn in stock earlier this week. YouTube will continue to operate independently, and will keep its own headquarters and employees.

YouTube serving 100 million videos a day –

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2 Réponses to “YouTube serving 100 million videos a day”

  1. businessgolf Says:

    It would be interesting to be able to believe these types of numbers and I know most business people would find it entertaining for someone to show how exactly these numbers can be validated… I have 100 Million different reasons for asking and is backed up with $1.64 Billion in Enron Stock.

    I just do not believe these numbers and think people are falling for this if they do believe them. I am sure there is a slight possibility of a site getting that many hits a day….that can be generated with software programs, but having 100 millions members…well I just can’t see why anyone would want to be a member of a site that has that many members anyway… you can only communicate effectively with one or two at a time…

  2. Rex Dixon Says:

    Everyone needs to listen to my podcast on statistics. Stats can be manipulated easily enough. It is a proven fact almost that myspace doesn’t have 100 million active users.

    YouTube probably has allot of streams, but 100 million is a big number to be believable. I would like to see YouTube’s server and bandwidth reports. 100 million videos at an average of let’s say 3 minutes per stream, would require a ton of bandwidth. Now Google just put their money up, so I’m sure bandwidth is going to be now issue.

    But just like the 100 million member’s of myspace, I would like to see this broken down to exact stats to prove the number is feasible.


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