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Mobile Marketing : Qwikker Helps 3 Deliver Music to Non-3 Customers

novembre 28, 2006

Exclusive P Diddy Track Available For Download From the Qwikker Pub Network
– London, 27 November 2006 – Qwikker, the leading provider of user-driven, on-location mobile content distribution has announced that it is supporting 3’s promotion of the newly launched 3MusicStore. Qwikker is enabling mobile users to freely download an exclusive music track remix from P Diddy’s ‘Press Play’ album. The track ‘The Future’ is available to everyone via Bluetooth, regardless of mobile operator, through Qwikker’s network of 450 pub locations.

This Qwikker promotion, running in the month of November, is one of a number of marketing initiatives being run by 3 to promote its new 3MusicStore, but crucially enables the operator to extend its outreach and communicate with non-3 customers. Qwikker’s network utilises Bluetooth, therefore there are no data charges incurred by mobile users for content delivered to their handset. Qwikker allows brands to deliver ‘freemium’ content at no cost to end users, as well as premium content payable by mobile bill, credit card or cash.

Visitors to any Qwikker enabled pub location are alerted to the ‘FreeTrackFrom3’ with an invite to receive content sent via Bluetooth. If the customer chooses to accept, the track is sent to the customer’s handset and is available to play immediately plus stored for later play. Uniquely, Qwikker’s service automatically detects the device make and model, which then sends content specifically formatted for each device thus ensuring a rich end user experience.

Qwikker provides ongoing reporting and analysis in order to give brands the capability to measure the response rates and acceptance of content-driven marketing in exact detail.

“3 identified our mobile content distribution network as a means to connect with existing and potential customers through a highly targeted and measurable channel. Our service enables operators to get relevant content into the hands of consumers who are not necessarily on their network, which is quite a compelling proposition.” said Saul Kato, CEO Qwikker.

In addition to the delivery of single media files and content items, Qwikker allows brands to deliver mobile channels, which are collections of user-selectable content, interactive information, and clickable links for users to respond directly to brands at a more convenient time.

Content can consist of video clips, games, Java apps, MP3s (used at the Virgin Mobile V-Festival and the recent Robbie Williams tour), ringtones, images, mobile coupons, and links to outside internet sites.

Qwikker Latest News

Qwikker Blog » Blog Archive » Qwikker Helps 3 Deliver Music to Non-3 Customers

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Mobile Marketing : Apple iPhone on CNBC

novembre 23, 2006

It’s coming.. 😉

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Enpocket Wins Best Mobile Marketing Campaign at the 2006 MITX Awards

novembre 20, 2006

Boston – Enpocket, the Intelligent Mobile MarketingTM company, has been selected as a winner in the Best Mobile Marketing Campaign category at the 2006 MITX Awards for its work with the A&E Network. Enpocket created a unique mobile marketing program that engaged viewers of the popular A&E show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” with entertaining interactions that enabled viewers to exchange quips with show’s main character via text messaging and also reminded fans to watch the show.

The annual MITX Awards is the largest awards competition in the country that recognizes achievements in the development and implementation of interactive technologies. Winners were announced in 25 categories, including five “Best of” awards, at a ceremony attended by more than 800 industry professionals held on November 8th at the Boston Copley Place Marriott.

“We’re excited that MITX has recognized one of many exciting campaigns that Enpocket is creating on behalf of our clients. The Dog the Bounty Hunter mobile program was a big success, producing an incredibly high participant engagement with the A&E brand, as well as exceptional recall of campaign messages,” said Mike Baker, Enpocket’s President and CEO. “The qualitative research conducted during the mobile campaign proved that mobile marketing is an effective ‘tune in’ vehicle for television programs and improves brand perception of both the show and the network.”

Entries were judged by more than 100 industry professionals representing various disciplines including creative directors, designers, technologists, online media representatives, investors and business professionals.

For the full list of winners, please visit

Enpocket Wins Best Mobile Marketing Campaign at the 2006 MITX Awards

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Mobile Marketing : Wireless systems help drivers find a spot to park

novembre 20, 2006

PARIS: A service starting in Paris next month is designed to make life somewhat easier for harried drivers by allowing them to find out, in real time, whether there are parking spaces available nearby by using their cellphones or GPS navigation devices.

The system will monitor the status of about 120 public parking garages across the French capital. From their phones, drivers will be able to find out whether a nearby garage is open and has places available.

« At certain times of day, 20 to 25 percent of vehicles are in search of a parking space. With this service, we should be able to improve the traffic flow, » said François Le Vert, a representative of the Fédération Nationale des Métiers du Stationnement, an organization of French parking institutions that helped develop the system.

Eight companies are participating in the project: Orange and SFR, the two leading French mobile networks; Canal TP, NavX and V-Traffic, which specialize in travel and navigation software; the consulting firms Setec and Carte Blanche Conseil, and New Technology for Citizens, a grouping of firms that provides travel services.

The project does not have a catchy, dot-com-era name, instead prefering a more factual moniker, which translates as « universal system for information on parking areas. » Participating parking garages are linked via Internet to a central server, and when the status of a garage changes – open, closed, full, vacancies – it sends a message to the server, which sends updates to the service providers.

At Orange, customers will be able to consult the parking database for free via the Orange World portal on any compatible cellphone. The only charges will be for downloading the data. Orange can find the caller’s approximate position by determining which antenna the phone is connecting to, or the user can simply enter an address.

Alexandre Nepveu, Orange’s director of marketing for telematic and automobile applications, said next year the carrier would add a service for cellphones equipped with GPS receivers, which will allow drivers to be guided to the nearest available garage much more precisely.

Nepveu left open the possibility that the service could be made available to customers of foreign networks in the future, but for now, the service will be available only in French and to Orange customers with contracts in France.

Any driver could sign up for the package offered by a Navx, according to Jean Cherbonnier, a co-founder of the company.

Navx’s service is compatible with about half of all personal navigation devices on the market now, and Cherbonnier said he expected this to increase to 80 percent within six months. The company also markets a service that tells drivers where speed cameras are located.

Navx has plans to spread the system beyond France. « We’re already in touch with parking garages in Germany, » Cherbonnier said. « The German project is for February and will include about 800 garages across the country. » After Germany, Cherbonnier would like to take aim at Switzerland, Italy, Britain, Austria and Spain.

A Massachusetts company, SpotScout, is taking a different approach. SpotSout is working to create a virtual marketplace for parking spaces in high-demand areas in Boston, New York and San Francisco. Using cellphones and the Internet, customers will be able to provide offers and requests for private parking spaces. Farther in the future, SpotScout hopes to allow users to trade information about the availability of parking spaces on the street.

Andrew Rollert, chief executive of SpotScout, said he had received a lot of inquiries from Europe and Asia.

Might drivers be putting themselves and others in danger by using these services at the wheel?

In Cherbonnier’s opinion, the use of cellphones and personal navigation devices is preferable to rummaging through the glove compartment to find the relevant guide book.

« I don’t think it’s a danger, » he said. « It’s just a way of replacing books, guides and maps. »

Wireless systems help drivers find a spot to park – Technology & Media – International Herald Tribune

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Mobile Marketing – Press Release : MAXIM’s ‘Monkey’ Mag Promoted By Bluetooth

novembre 15, 2006

London, UK- November 13, 2006, Qwikker (, the leading provider of user-driven, on-location mobile content distribution today revealed that Dennis Publishing, home of Maxim men’s magazine, are using the Qwikker Pub Network to deliver a mobile video clip that consumers can download for free via Bluetooth during the launch month of the world’s first web-based weekly men’s lifestyle magazine ‘Monkey’.

In 450 pub venues across the UK, enabled with the Qwikker system, brands can deliver content-based marketing campaigns directly to consumers’ mobile phones at no cost to the end user. In the case of Monkey magazine, customers can opt-in to download the humorous 20 second ‘Keepy Uppy’ viral video clip that is a central element of Monkey‘s four week launch marketing campaign.

“This new media channel enables brands to connect to a targeted audience and to directly measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. Furthermore the message is no longer fleeting- the content resides on the end-users’ phone for later viewing and sharing with friends, until deleted at will.” said James Martin, European Director, Qwikker.

Qwikker goes beyond traditional, impression-based, out-of-home advertising methods by giving brands the capability to measure the response rates and acceptance of content-driven marketing in exact detail.

In addition to the delivery of single media files and content items, Qwikker allows brands to deliver mobile channels, which are collections of user-selectable content, interactive information, and clickable links for users to respond directly to brands at any later time via their phone.

Content can consist of video clips (such as in the case of Monkey), games, Java apps, MP3s (used at the Virgin Mobile V-Festival and the recent Robbie Williams tour), ringtones, images, mobile coupons, and links to outside internet sites.

Qwikker Press Release

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Mobile Marketing – Press release : Proximity-based targeted mobile content gets fingers clicking at Virgin Mobile V-Festival

novembre 14, 2006

London, UK November, 6th 2006, Qwikker (, the leading provider of user-driven, on-location mobile content distribution, revealed today the results of its service installed at this years’ Virgin Mobile V-Festival. The results confirm that Bluetooth and the proximity-based model of distributing mobile content is a big hit with mobile consumers.

Qwikker’s service enables consumers to ‘connect and select’ mobile content at the point of interest through a non-intrusive, branded channel based system. Qwikker’s service takes advantage of Bluetooth to deliver rich content without network data charges.

The Virgin Mobile V-Festival is one of the most popular events of the music festival season with top-line acts performing across two festival sites in the UK. Innovation and consumer value are synonymous with the Virgin brand, and with this in mind Virgin Mobile turned to Qwikker to help festival goers connect with exclusive mobile content – through a dedicated Bluetooth downloadable Virgin Bites mobile channel.

Consumers who downloaded Qwikker’s Virgin Bites mobile channel were given a menu of content enabling them to browse, and then download music-related content of interest to them. Critically the Virgin content channel remains on the consumers’ handset, which is updateable over-the-air (OTA) – further extending the brand relationship.

Based at the Chelmsford Virgin Mobile V-Festival venue, Qwikker integrated its Bluetooth mobile content system to provide coverage across the entire festival site. Visual displays encouraged concertgoers to turn on their Bluetooth connection, who were then asked, on their phone screen, if they wanted to download the Virgin Bites mobile channel. The content, which was free of charge, included ring tones and videos from Morrisey, Kasabian and The Young Knives, as well as an exclusive video film trailer of Little Miss Sunshine.

Steve Rogan, Head of Sponsorship at Virgin Mobile, said “At Virgin Mobile we are always looking at ways to enhance our customers’ experience. By enabling the exclusive download of a choice of mobile content at the Virgin Mobile V-Festival, we ensured that customers could get really close to the bands interactively. The music and the fans are the most important thing after all. Qwikker’s service was well received and added real value to the overall festival experience”.

James Martin, European director of Qwikker, commented on the V-Festival’s success: “As the figures demonstrate, consumers are very receptive to mobile content delivered via Bluetooth when it’s relevant and they are given choice. Virgin and other leading brands recognise the opportunity to connect and interact with consumers in a targeted, contextual environment.”

Who downloaded what mobile content at the Virgin Mobile V-Festival:
In total, 12,410 festival goers downloaded Qwikker’s Virgin Bites mobile content channel enabling them to browse and download additional exclusive content items, setting a new bar for user-driven mobile content consumption..

– 34 % – The Kasabian ‘Empire’ video was the most downloaded mobile content
– 18 % – Morrisey’s ‘in the future when alls well’ video was the second most popular download
– 13 % – downloaded the Young Knives video and ringtone
– 12 % – downloaded the Morrisey ‘in the future when alls well’ ringtone
– 7 % – downloaded a RedBull video and – 5 % the Little Miss Sunshine video

About Qwikker
Specialists in proximity marketing services and content distribution, Qwikker provides a direct-to-mobile network of interactive service points across Europe and the US. Combining Qwikker’s Bluetooth technology with traditional physical advertising, brands can extend their relationship with consumers by offering a selection of desirable content (either free or premium), which can be downloaded onto mobile phones. Content can be anything from video clips, games, MP3s and ringtones, to artwork, mobile coupons, and links to WAP sites or phone numbers.

Qwikker Channels is a customized java application, which enables consumers to browse menus of content without having to use a data connection, and then download content and information via Bluetooth, WAP and SMS connectivity. The Qwikker, application and the content channels within it can be distributed from location-to-phone and then forwarded by consumers, phone-to-phone, giving brands the opportunity to leverage the power of peer-to-peer content sharing.

Qwikker maintains the largest direct-to-mobile location content network in the world, with over 650 Bluetooth enabled service points across the UK in pubs, clubs, concerts, festivals, cinemas, public spaces and the London Underground. Fast and easy to install, Qwikker’s portable service points can also be deployed for one-time or seasonal events. Brands which have leveraged the Qwikker network include Yahoo!, Channel 4, EA Games, Universal Music, 20th Century Fox, Robbie Williams/ ie: music, Nokia and Universal Pictures.

Backed by Sequoia Capital and Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Qwikker has offices in San Francisco and London.

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