Mobile Marketing : E-Series Blog Archive – Five Reasons Why I Like Widsets

Here is a good article from E-series Blog on Widsets and their evolution :

With the risk of sounding like a broken record (I have written about Widsets several times before) here is my list of why I really like Widsets – the company behind, stunningly beautiful mobile Widgets.

Continuous improvement
I was very impressed with the first release of Widsets, which I wrote about back in June 2006 (If you are new to Widsets I recommend you start with that post, it will give you a good overview of what Widsets are).

Since then, Widsets have gone through a number of enhancements each one gradually improving the service. The last enhancement I wrote about was in September 2006. Since September the Widsets team have been busy working on the library of Widsets, the application itself and enhancement to the website. Which leads us to next reason..great website.

Great Website
I really, really like their website. It is simple, beautiful AND very functional. A pretty amazing combination to pull off. So many websites are either beautiful or functional. Some websites are simple but not beautiful.

Their newly redesign website makes registration for new users and managing your widsets even easier. Great work guys! (the web team at Nokia could learn a lot from Widsets’ web designers)

There is also a new Widset simulator online so that you can take Widsets for a spin online without actually downloading the application.

Future Potential
From the very first time I used Widset I always felt that the application and service have so much future potential. I am fully convinced that we’ve only seen the very beginning of what Widsets can become. I can’t wait for future versions of the service. I wonder what Widsets will look like one, two, three years from now.

This is a company driven by passion! I’ve never met anyone from Widset but it is easy to tell from their blog, their website and their excellent user forum that the people of Widset truly believe in their product. I like the fact that they are approachable and open. Ping the people at Widset and you *will* hear from them! That is a sign of a company that cares.
It also seems as if they have a lot of fun while working. It must be a good place to work!

ver Growing Library Of Great Widgets
If you haven’t tried Widsets I strongly suggest you do – you’ll like it. If you tried it before but for some reason haven’t used it for a while you have an equally great reason to try it out – you’ll be mighty impressed.

Most of the earlier widgets were more or less RSS feeds. While that isn’t bad in itself it might not impress the hard core users.

However, new widgets such as the excellent Wikipedia widget which lets you search Wikipedia. For all those Sudoku fanatics I can recommend the Sudoko widget.

There are also great widgets for eBay, BBC, 43Things, Digg, Technocrati, Flickr and a widget for this very blog – the E-series widget

E-Series » Blog Archive » Five Reasons Why I Like Widsets

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