Greenlight Wireless – New Mobile Advertising Channel Off to Strong Start – Mobile Marketing

Greenlight Wireless’ new “sponsored listings” advertising feed is providing relevant, high-yielding ads in the mobile environment.

Greenlight Wireless Corporation’s award-winning Advertizer service, which provides advertisements for desktop and mobile platforms, has experienced early success with its recently-released “sponsored listings” feed.

The sponsored listings program, released at the beginning of the month, is a “two-click” model where publishers create marketing copy that links to a dynamically-created landing page displaying the actual advertisements. The ads presented on this landing page are based on keywords that the publisher has assigned to the marketing copy being used.

The click-through rate (CTR) has fluctuated between 1.0% and 3.1% daily, while the average CTR on the Advertizer landing page has produced a remarkably high CTR of 44.1%. This statistic is likely due to a confluence of factors; however it confirms that Advertizer’s local, international, and vertically-categorized ads are relevant and highly “clickable”. As publishers learn to fine-tune the placement, layout, and content of their marketing messages, Greenlight Wireless anticipates the CTR to the landing pages will increase. Initial trials for the new feed were based on one to seven million searches daily with an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.37.

Advertizer is the world’s first internationally-consumed mobile advertising service, having served mobile ads in over 175 countries since its release in 2004. Advertizer works by retrieving ads based on keywords or other user input from multiple top-tier ad suppliers, then providing a single ad feed that works across diverse distribution channels, such as mobile and desktop. These ads can be provided in a variety of formats, including CPC, location-based, and click-to-call, and can be delivered via commonly-used systems, such as XML, HTML, and RSS. Advertizer offers a 50/50 revenue sharing model and doesn’t apply the hidden charges and fees often associated with other ad providers. Advertizer was voted Best Mobile Marketing Product in the 2006 Mobile Star Awards.

About Greenlight Wireless:
Greenlight Wireless is a leading innovator of wireless technologies, providing mobile solutions for enterprise-level businesses, Web portals, and wireless carriers. Greenlight Wireless’ consumer-oriented Skweezer service optimizes Web content for handheld devices, providing a richer browsing experience and adding value to wireless data offerings. Greenlight’s Advertizer product is a cutting-edge advertising program for operators, search engines, and publishers who want to monetize their content in the mobile environment.

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Greenlight Wireless Blog » New Mobile Advertising Channel Off to Strong Start

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4 Réponses to “Greenlight Wireless – New Mobile Advertising Channel Off to Strong Start – Mobile Marketing”

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