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Nokia – Press Release : WidSets Introduces Jaiku Widget / Mobile Marketing

juin 11, 2007

Espoo, Finland – WidSets today announced the launch of a Jaiku widget that extends the experience of Jaiku (, the leading conversational microblogging community, to the mobile phones.

Enabling users to post thoughts, Jaikus, on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or where they’re going right now, Jaiku community members can also converse in real-time by reacting to individual posts, share lifestream information like photos, personal blog entries at one location and establish a central presence for social networking. Combined together, these messages, presence sharing, and feeds create a holistic lifestream of activities.

« Our Jaiku widget brings the microblogging experience straight to the mobile phone, enabling community members to stay connected 24/7, » said Ulla Särkikangas, Director, Consumer Internet Services, Nokia Emerging Business Unit.

« Jaiku was made for mobile users and we’re delighted that WidSets is enabling a living, growing conversation among people around the world through the use of the Jaiku widget, » added Jyri Engeström, Jaiku co-founder.

WidSets, which has more than 1 million registered users, is a handset manufacturer-independent service that brings the best bits of the Internet, such as communities, news, blogs, reviews, and weather reports straight to the mobile phone. It uses mini-applications called widgets to deliver up to date Internet content to mobile phones and enables the user to create their own widgets.

WidSets works on a wide variety of mobile phone brands and is compatible on more than 300 mobile devices. User can easily download WidSets at or on mobile at WidSets was born out of Nokia Emerging Business Unit and represents a first step in Nokia’s vision of mobilising the Internet.

Nokia – ShowPressRelease

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Google has acquired FeedBurner

juin 3, 2007

It’s True-gle!

Unlike the rumor that FeedBurneris nearly code-complete on a multiplayer Wii edition, the blog posts, phone calls and conjecture about our future as part of the Google family tree are now officially true.

FeedBurner has been acquired by Google. The local weather forecast calls for general euphoria with intermittent periods of off-the-rails delight.

This is one of those posts in which there’s so much to say that it’s difficult to know where to begin. We want to start off by highlighting the whys, wherefores, and whatnots for our publishers. FeedBurner has always been a publisher-centric company. We built the company around a central theme and hypothesis that distributed media present publishers with immense opportunities as well as spiraling complexity.
The vision is straightforward: publishers who successfully promote distribution and measure consumption will be in a position to derive more value (aka make more money, gain more influence, etc.) from media distribution. Feeds present a simple and ubiquitous opportunity for publishers to embrace distributed media, but content distribution standards without metrics, publicity tools, and monetization engines are ultimately of little value to individuals and organizations whose businesses depend on an ability to maximize and measure reach.

There is so much alignment between how we think about publisher services and how Google has executed around publisher services, that we’ll try to pick just a few specific areas that we believe are the most compelling reasons for working together:

Google’s competencies and focus around publisher analytics, distribution, and monetization map perfectly to our suite of services.
Publishers want a single dashboard and single source for the metrics that give them feedback about the value of their content and its impact on their business. By combining our market leading feed metrics with Google’s market leading site and marketing analytics, publishers now get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their audience. This ‘total perspective’ has long been a goal of ours, and we think our combined analytics offering is going to provide publishers with previously undiscovered insights and opportunities.

The measurement of awareness advertising is evolving from unique impressions to audience engagement. By providing our hundreds of thousands of publishers with Google’s world-class advertising marketplace and metrics, we can provide far more value to publishers and begin to deliver this next step in ROI measurement to advertisers.

Speed of innovation. We have always prided ourselves in our ability to deliver extensive functionality to the market rapidly. As we have grown to hundreds of thousands of publishers with global demands, we are delighted to be combining forces with an organization that has a deep understanding of the most efficient ways in which to deploy significant functionality to the widest possible audience. It is one thing to roll out a capability to 3 percent of your customers and it’s something else entirely to roll out a broad set of new services simultaneously to customers around the globe.

Back when we released the now oh-so-popular FeedCount chicklet in 2005, FeedBurner co-founder Matt Shobe said in a blog post here that « This is how it all starts. First, a little counter with digits whizzing past…next thing you know it’s all bubble cars and floating cities as far as the eye can see. » We still smile at that line, mostly because it’s funny, but also because it’s so easy to get ahead of ourselves and extrapolate from the abstract « these synergies make sense » to « enormous benefits will accrue to all interested parties. » The fact is that there is an immense amount of work to do in order to a) continue to provide our customers with the best feed analytics, b) begin to provide a more comprehensive 360-degree view of audience and reach, and c) enable publishers to most efficiently determine the best ways to distribute and monetize their content.

We like our chances. We are confident that we are going to be a part of the company that can best deliver the most comprehensive suite of services to publishers. We are confident that we’re going to continue to have fun and innovate for customers as rapidly as possible. We are confident and hopeful that you’ll look at your feed dashboard soon and say to yourself « Well, *that* was a good idea! »

We suspect several of you may have questions, we can see your hands waving out there, and fortunately, some of these questions are answered in this FAQ. Also, you can and should contact us with any additional questions. All of your favorite FeedBurning services will remain tally accessible during the integration.

Burning Questions • It’s True-gle!

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Mobile Marketing – Blogs : une rumeur fait trébucher l’action d’Apple

mai 18, 2007

En quelques minutes, un article sur un blog a fait chuter l’action Apple à la Bourse de New-York.

Petite frayeur pour les actionnaires d’Apple cette semaine. Mercredi, à 11h49 (heure américaine), le blog américain Engadget (consacré aux gadgets, aux lecteurs mp3 et aux téléphones mobiles), met en ligne une info exclusive : selon un mémo interne que leur a transmis un employé d’Apple, les deux prochaines produits de la firme de Cupertino seraient retardés. Leopard, la prochaine version du système d’exploitation Mac OS X, n’arriverait qu’en 2008 (au lieu du mois d’octobre), et l’iPhone, le mélange de téléphone portable et d’Ipod, prévu pour fin juin aux Etats-Unis, auraient été repoussé au mois d’octobre.

En quelques minutes, l’action d’Apple chute, son cours perdant près de quatre dollars. A 12h15, Engadget modifie son article : selon un deuxième mémo interne à Apple, le premier était un faux. Leopard et l’iPhone ne sont pas en retard. Durant le reste de la journée, l’action Apple remontera doucement à la Bourse de New York, mais ne reviendra pas au niveau de son ouverture. Jeudi, l’action a toutefois terminé largement en hausse. Mais pour les boursicoteurs qui ont vendu leurs actions avant qu’Engadget ne corrige son article, la perte est estimée à près de 4 milliards de dollars.

Ryan Block, l’auteur de l’article sur Engadget, s’est fendu hier d’un long billet d’excuse, où il détaille toute l’affaire. Il raconte la réception du premier mémo, comment il a tenté, sans succès, de joindre le service presse d’Apple et pourquoi Engadget a alors décidé de publier l’article. Avant de le corriger quelques minutes plus tard, après réception du second mémo. Selon Block, le mémo qu’il a reçu (republié ici) provient bien d’Apple. Il s’agit donc soit d’un message créé par un employé taquin, soit d’une affaire de piratage. Dans tous les cas, Block est conscient que l’affaire a entamé la crédibilité d’Engadget. Cela montre aussi l’influence qu’ont désormais pris les blogs. Engadget est, selon Technorati, le blog le plus populaire au monde, dépassant même le site économique de CNN.

Ecrans – Blogs : une rumeur fait trébucher l’action d’Apple

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Mobile Marketing – PressRelease : Netvibes Mobilizes Its Feeds with Nokia WidSets

avril 27, 2007

Entire Netvibes Ecosystem’s 85,000+ Feeds Available on Mobile Phones via WidSets

San Francisco, CA, USA and Espoo, Finland – WidSets, a popular consumer Internet service powered by Nokia, and Netvibes, the pioneer of the personalized startpage, today announced that they will publish the Netvibes Ecosystem’s 85,000+ feeds on the WidSets service, making them easily accessible on most mobile devices.

WidSets is a phone manufacturer-independent Internet service that multicasts preferred feeds and user-generated content to mobile devices. Starting today, users will be able to find their favorite feeds in Netvibes’ vast library and add them onto their mobile device via WidSets. This happens with just a few clicks, making it easy to view and enjoy rich media feeds while on the go.

The Netvibes Ecosystem’s entire collection of 85,000+ feeds includes recently announced content from major media outlets including CBS, CNN Money, Entertainment Weekly,, InStyle,, Newsweek, People, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Time, USA Today, and Netvibes Ecosystem also hosts official content for many celebrity partners including 50 Cent, Ben Harper, G-Unit, Ice Cube, Mandy Moore, Moby, and Snoop Dogg. As a leading provider of user-generated feeds, the Netvibes Ecosystem comprises a large collection of entertainment, lifestyle, news, sports, and television feeds.

« What people really want is content that is personalized and delivered to them in real-time, without having to go out and search for it, » said Netvibes Founder and CEO, Tariq Krim. « This is exceptionally true for mobile phones, which are extremely personal devices that people keep on themselves at all times. That’s why we chose the WidSets service, because its a very convenient way for people to access their favorite, personalized Netvibes feeds on whatever mobile device they like to use. »

WidSets was born out of Nokia Emerging Business Unit and represents a first step in Nokia’s vision of mobilizing the Internet. The WidSets service currently has several hundred thousand registered users and a comprehensive library of over 1200 widgets. WidSets works on a wide variety of mobile phone brands and is compatible on over 200 mobile devices.

« WidSets was designed to showcase the power of Web 2.0 on mobile phones with an easy-to-use widget interface, which is fully optimized for mobile usage. What better way to do that than to work with companies such as Netvibes, one of the web’s leading providers of both media and user-generated content, » said Dieter May, Vice President and Head of Nokia Emerging Business Unit.

Going forward, as part of this strategic collaboration, Netvibes and WidSets are planning an even deeper integration of their services with WidSets as an important cornerstone to further extend the recently announced Netvibes Universe. Soon, the Netvibes Universal Widget API (UWA), which allows interoperability between Netvibes and many platforms, including Google Homepage and Apple’s Dashboard, will make most of the Netvibes Ecosystem’s modules available on WidSets as well.

WidSets is globally available at: The Netvibes Ecosystem, which includes this week’s newly announced major media and celebrity Universes, is available at:

Nokia – ShowPressRelease

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Mobile Marketing : E-Series Blog Archive – Five Reasons Why I Like Widsets

mars 19, 2007

Here is a good article from E-series Blog on Widsets and their evolution :

With the risk of sounding like a broken record (I have written about Widsets several times before) here is my list of why I really like Widsets – the company behind, stunningly beautiful mobile Widgets.

Continuous improvement
I was very impressed with the first release of Widsets, which I wrote about back in June 2006 (If you are new to Widsets I recommend you start with that post, it will give you a good overview of what Widsets are).

Since then, Widsets have gone through a number of enhancements each one gradually improving the service. The last enhancement I wrote about was in September 2006. Since September the Widsets team have been busy working on the library of Widsets, the application itself and enhancement to the website. Which leads us to next reason..great website.

Great Website
I really, really like their website. It is simple, beautiful AND very functional. A pretty amazing combination to pull off. So many websites are either beautiful or functional. Some websites are simple but not beautiful.

Their newly redesign website makes registration for new users and managing your widsets even easier. Great work guys! (the web team at Nokia could learn a lot from Widsets’ web designers)

There is also a new Widset simulator online so that you can take Widsets for a spin online without actually downloading the application.

Future Potential
From the very first time I used Widset I always felt that the application and service have so much future potential. I am fully convinced that we’ve only seen the very beginning of what Widsets can become. I can’t wait for future versions of the service. I wonder what Widsets will look like one, two, three years from now.

This is a company driven by passion! I’ve never met anyone from Widset but it is easy to tell from their blog, their website and their excellent user forum that the people of Widset truly believe in their product. I like the fact that they are approachable and open. Ping the people at Widset and you *will* hear from them! That is a sign of a company that cares.
It also seems as if they have a lot of fun while working. It must be a good place to work!

ver Growing Library Of Great Widgets
If you haven’t tried Widsets I strongly suggest you do – you’ll like it. If you tried it before but for some reason haven’t used it for a while you have an equally great reason to try it out – you’ll be mighty impressed.

Most of the earlier widgets were more or less RSS feeds. While that isn’t bad in itself it might not impress the hard core users.

However, new widgets such as the excellent Wikipedia widget which lets you search Wikipedia. For all those Sudoku fanatics I can recommend the Sudoko widget.

There are also great widgets for eBay, BBC, 43Things, Digg, Technocrati, Flickr and a widget for this very blog – the E-series widget

E-Series » Blog Archive » Five Reasons Why I Like Widsets

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Mobile Marketing – Press Release: Nokia launches WidSets

octobre 20, 2006

Nokia launches WidSets, boosting Web 2.0 services on mobile phones

October 03, 2006
Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced WidSets, a phone manufacturer-independent Web 2.0 service, that automatically multicasts preferred RSS feeds and user-generated content. With WidSets, Nokia highlights the power behind the evolution of Web 2.0 – the people, the content they produce and the social networks dynamics, facilitating how mobility enhances Web 2.0’s use and enjoyment.

« Immediate access to information is expected by people today, thus we wanted to make it easy for everybody, from an individual blogger to a web service provider, to automatically have mobile access to website content, » said Dieter May, Vice President and Head of Nokia Emerging Business Unit. « We also believe WidSets will be attractive to new users who are not so familiar with Web 2.0. The easiest way to get started is to visit the WidSets website at, create an account, browse the Library, and start exploring the service. »

WidSets allows users to build a Content Library, freely choosing from RSS feeds to blog posts to photo uploading sites that are multicasted to any new generation Java(TM) enabled mobile devices. WidSets keeps such content updated and forms a symbiotic relationship with the web, enabling both mediums to work as one.

WidSets is mobile phone browser-independent and comes to market with a vast array of features that truly put the user in the driving seat. Widsets Templates allow users to include their own websites or blogs, for their own private use or that of others they choose. Collaborative filtering allows the community to enrich the Widsets Library by providing suggestions for new content that a user did not know about. The WidSets User Interface uses a process of « choose and set » that makes Widsets operative within seconds. Best of all, signing up to WidSets is free of charge and using WidSets is optimised for minimal data consumption.

« We wanted WidSets to be fun to use, so we based the user interface on great-looking and dynamic mini-applications called widgets that automatically receive updates from websites that people normally visit several times a day, » continues Dieter May. « Whenever the information on a community, blog, or news service is updated, the widget notifies the user about it, so that the information can be viewed right away, regardless of where the user is located. And if users can’t find their favorite internet service on WidSets, they can easily create and publish widgets themselves, and share the content with others. »

WidSets is about broadening media reach to mobile phones, including content and its community affinity. WidSets simply connects people to what they enjoy the most.

Press Release: Nokia launches WidSets

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Google agreed to pay $1.65 billion in stock for YouTube – Video Message from Chad and Steve

octobre 11, 2006

A profitless Web site started by three 20-somethings after a late-night dinner party is sold for more than a billion dollars, instantly turning dozens of its employees into paper millionaires. It sounds like a tale from the late 1990’s dot-com bubble, but it happened yesterday.

First a Message from Chad and Steve 😉

Google, the online search behemoth, agreed yesterday to pay $1.65 billion in stock for the Web site that came out of that party — YouTube, the video-sharing phenomenon that is the darling of an Internet resurgence known as Web 2.0.

YouTube had been coveted by virtually every big media and technology company, as they seek to tap into a generation of consumers who are viewing 100 million short videos on the site every day. Google is expected to try to make money from YouTube by integrating the site with its search technology and search-based advertising program.

But the purchase price has also invited comparisons to the mind-boggling valuations that were once given to dozens of Silicon Valley companies a decade ago. Like YouTube, those companies were once the Next Big Thing, but some soon folded.

Google, with a market value of $132 billion, can clearly afford to take a gamble with YouTube, but the question remains: How to put a price tag on an unproven business?

“If you believe it’s the future of television, it’s clearly worth $1.6 billion,” Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, said of YouTube. “If you believe something else, you could write down maybe it’s not worth much at all.”

In a conference call to announce the transaction yesterday, there were eerie echoes of the late 1990’s boom time. There was no mention of what measures Google used to arrive at the price it agreed to pay. At one point, Google’s vice president, David Drummond, gave a cryptic explanation: “We modeled this on a more or less synergistic kind of model. You can imagine this would be hard to do on a stand-alone basis.”

The price tag Google paid may simply have been the cost of beating its rivals — Yahoo, Viacom and the News Corporation — to take control of the most sought-after Web site of the moment. It was also perhaps the only price that two YouTube founders, Chad Hurley, 29, and Steven Chen, 28, and their big venture capital backer, Sequoia Capital Partners, were willing to accept, given that they most likely could have continued as an independent company. A third YouTube founder, Jawed Karim, left the company to pursue an advanced degree at Stanford.

The deal came together in a matter of days. After rebuffing a series of other overtures, YouTube’s founders decided to have lunch on Wednesday with Google’s co-founder, Larry Page, and its chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt. The idea of a deal had been broached a few days earlier. The setting was classic Silicon Valley start-up: a booth at Denny’s near YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, Calif. The Google executives threw out an offer of $1.6 billion and autonomy to continue running the business.

That set off a marathon of meetings and conference calls over the next two days, which kicked into even higher gear on Friday, when news of the talks began to circulate, putting pressure on Google to sign a deal before a rival bid emerged. In fact, the News Corporation sent a letter to YouTube seeking to start talks but never received a response.

Dot-Com Boom Echoed in Deal to Buy YouTube – New York Times

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Six Apart Acquires Rojo!

septembre 8, 2006

It’s true! Rojo Networks, Inc. has been acquired by Six Apart, Ltd. Six Apart has been a leader in the blogosphere and one of the most important Web 2.0 innovators – we’re thrilled to be joining forces.


What does this mean for for your favorite feed reader? will still be here – and will soon get better than ever. The Rojo leadership team will continue to be involved with,, and The Week in Rojo newsletter and several of the core Rojo team members are continuing to work on the service. Six Apart plans to spin out Rojo – so we will continue to improve your favorite feed reader. Stay tuned in September for a very significant new release of Rojo as we migrate to a new architecture – one that we built when we launched All of this means a faster and better Rojo service is on the way. More details soon!

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Mobile Marketing : Hubdog brings Blogs to Windows Mobile devices

août 2, 2006

Countless number of people out there are reading almost everything on their mobiles and it’s growing everyday.

To help bloggers address this new opportunity, SRN has officially launched Hubdog Blogger Program:

Hubdog’s mobile publisher program allows affiliate bloggers to create mobile versions of their blogs that are perfectly fit to Windows Mobile devices. Plus the service is completely free and totally user friendly.

See for yourself:

The program’s built-in marketing toolset allows partner bloggers to add their own personalized subscription button or “chicklet” to their blog’s sidebar. This allows Windows Mobile users to easily get an optimize version of their favorite blogs on their devices, a version that can be access either online (live mode) or offline (podcast mode).

How it works ? Well, Hubdog simply connects to your blog RSS feed and displays your content in a mobile version perfectly fit to your Windows Mobile device.

The software can also cache your blog to ensure your content is always available offline. Hubdog users can also email interesting blog posts from their devices to their friends and contacts, leveraging viral promotion of their favorite blogs.

Bottom line, Hubdog improves and optimizes the experience of reading blogs on any Windows Mobile pocket pc device. Hubdog Blogger Program Benefits:

– Optimize your blog for Windows Mobile pocket pcs devices.

– Cost-free solution for addressing millions of mobile readers throughout the world.

– Track your success: Get statistical usage data about readers subscribing to your channel.

– 100% efficiency, since channels are subscribed by readers on an opt-in basis.

– Access to an educated, influential readership with a high disposable income.

– Leverage online content distribution and serve existing readers with an added value mobile delivery solution.

– Attract new readers and build stronger relationships with existing readers.

Interested in getting your own mobile blog ?

Get started here:

Hubdog Community Blog » Hubdog brings Blogs to Windows Mobile devices

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juin 29, 2006

TF1 lance un site communautaire pour permettre aux internautes de publier des vidéos, du texte et des chansons. Mais la chaîne l’adapte à son univers, en promettant une exposition à la télévision ou des concerts aux artistes en herbe les plus populaires.

TF1 dévoile ses ambitions dans l’internet communautaire: le groupe audiovisuel a présenté aujourd’hui son nouveau site, Comprendre «We are talented» (Nous avons du talent). Selon le communiqué officiel, il s’agit d’«un nouveau service multisupport (internet, téléphone mobile et télévision) dédié à l’expression artistique et à la diffusion de créations audiovisuelles».

Traduction: il s’agit d’une plate-forme combinant blogs classiques, vidéo et audio, alimentée en priorité par les contenus mis en ligne par les internautes. Un mélange de Skyblogs, MySpace et Dailymotion. Mais Olivier Abecassis, le directeur de la société WAT, filiale à 100% de TF1, refuse d’être mis en concurrence avec ces services: «Nous avons une cible des 15-34 ans, plus adulte que celle des Skyblogs. Quant à Dailymotion, ils ont un panel de contenus plus large que le nôtre.»

La plate-forme française de vidéos amateurs est aussi le prestataire technique choisi par pour gérer en marque blanche l’interface de mise en ligne de vidéos. Les internautes pourront également publier leurs contenus sur mobiles, via un site i-mode et WAP.

Selon son responsable l’avantage de la plate-forme, par rapport aux pure players déjà présents, est de proposer «une exposition que les internautes ne retrouveront pas ailleurs, un produit global avec un confort et une facilité d’utilisation».

TF1 prêt à acquérir le contenu des internautes

De fait, les vidéos ou les artistes musicaux les plus populaires se verront proposer plusieurs options par TF1. Le groupe audiovisuel envisage tout d’abord de réutiliser les meilleurs contenus pour la télévision. Avec trois possibilités: des émissions dédiées sur certaines chaînes thématiques du groupe, une chaîne « nouveaux médias » diffusée sur les canaux 3G, ou un nouveau canal sur le câble et le satellite. La décision finale devrait tomber d’ici la fin de l’année.

Dans ce cas, TF1 proposera aux internautes d’acquérir les contenus en question, dans le cadre d’un contrat d’exploitation, «avec un tarif adopté». «Cela devrait se monter à quelques centaines d’euros pour l’internaute», précise Olivier Abecassis. De même, les artistes plébiscités par les internautes et par l’équipe éditoriale de WAT pourront se voir offrir la chance de se produire dans des salles de concert parisiennes.

WAT emploie une dizaine de personnes et son modèle économique repose essentiellement sur la publicité. Les internautes n’auront qu’à se créer un compte gratuit pour pouvoir publier leurs contenus. Ils devront en revanche accepter l’apparition de publicités sur leurs pages, voire dans leurs propres vidéos, sous certaines conditions. l’offensive web communautaire de TF1 – Actualités –

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Adidas Dream Team sur Myspace

juin 9, 2006

Pour la coupe du monde, le Team Adidas au grand complet est présent sur

Un profil adidassoccer donne accès à un concours « Best Goal » en proposant aux membres d’envoyer une vidéo avec leur but le plus impossible.

Chaque joueur a un profil avec son propre blog et peut devenir votre ami.

Retrouvez l’ensemble des Profils annonceurs de sur

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