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Mobile Marketing – Press Release : Nokia Service Suite prepares the way for tomorrow’s mobility today

octobre 31, 2006

Technology Innovators already offering Consumer Services

The convergence of cellular and Internet technologies has reached a stage where the future of mobility will be determined by players ready to take the next step. For consumers, using a PC and broadband connection to reach friends and family around the globe has become a familiar procedure. Now with dual mode phones and the increasing availability of home and hotspot wireless LANs (WLANs), consumers can get to the next level.

Nokia today announced Nokia Service Suite, a software solution which automates both the connectivity over the available access methods like cellular and WLAN, and also provides the preferred location and presence specific services to the user. Nokia Service Suite heralds a whole new generation of consumer services for voice, data and rich media. Telio, a leading European broadband telephony provider and technology innovator, is the first to adopt and deploy the technology for consumers.

Nokia Service Suite is capable of simplifying and economizing any communication application – the download and upload of rich media, including pictures, music, video podcasts, email and voice. Nokia Service Suite does this by automating connectivity and achieving the most convenient combination of cellular and WLAN access.

Alan Duric, Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder of Telio said about the Nokia Service Suite: « The combination of Nokia’s powerful solution and Telio’s flexible technology platform has enabled a whole new world of possibilities that go well beyond VoIP. As a core technology, I see Nokia Service Suite creating a wave of innovation in the mobile industry and revolutionizing the way people will communicate in future. »

« Nokia Service Suite opens up great new business potential for new and existing services that can be seamlessly deployed by providers and easily consumed by end-users. Telio has proven to be a valuable front runner in the adoption of our technology for consumers. We are delighted with the close cooperation, » said Markku Rauhamaa, Vice President of Local Interactions at Nokia Emerging Business Unit. « All the elements are now in place for the public to enjoy a richer, more economical and accessible mobile experience. »

The possibilities enabled by Nokia Service Suite are already being commercially deployed by service providers like Telio as well as Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies, including Fujitsu Services Oy.

Nokia Service Suite is available today for all Nokia WLAN enabled dual mode devices, both Nokia Nseries and Nokia Eseries devices. Equally important, the Nokia Service Suite is an open platform that can be used for other WLAN enabled devices. For example, the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is a multimedia computer optimized for Internet Calls. The VoIP framework, based on SIP-protocol is integrated into its user interface, so making an Internet Call on the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is as easy as making a regular voice call, only the call is carried over WLAN.

Nokia Service Suite makes its official debut and will be demonstrated at VON Europe Autumn 2006 Conference in Berlin Germany on November 6 – 8.

Nokia – ShowPressRelease

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Nokia unveils its first i-mode phone in Singapore

juillet 4, 2006

Finnish phone maker Nokia and mobile operator StarHub have jointly announced the launch of an i-mode version of the popular N70 handset in Singapore. According to the joint press release issued today, this is the first time Nokia is launching an i-mode phone in Singapore. More importantly, Singapore is also the first market to release the N70 i-mode handset.

« Users who are more accustomed to the Nokia user interface can now experience StarHub’s easy-to-use suite of i-mode services with Nokia N70, » said Goh Li-Li, assistant vice president of i-mode Services at StarHub. Other than the i-mode application platform and a new silver-black exterior casing, the new N70 comes with the same features as the original N70. The price of the new N70 handset is expected to range from S$288 (US$181.96) to S$488 (US$308.31), depending on the mobile subscription plan, and will be available from June 24.

Unfortunately, StarHub has confirmed that users of the non-i-mode N70 will not be able to upgrade the firmware to activate i-mode in their handsets. The mobile operator has told CNET Asia that customers can expect more i-mode-enabled terminals from other manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson and Motorola in the second half of 2006. We are guessing the handsets to be the new Sony Ericsson K610im as well as the i-mode versions of the Motorola L6 and L7.

Nokia unveils its first i-mode phone in Singapore – CNET Asia

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