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Verizon exclusivity ends, YouTube Mobile opens the gates – Mobile Marketing

juin 18, 2007

Alright, everyone go quit your jobs and pick up second (and third) batteries for your handsets: YouTube Mobile has gone live.

As previously reported, YouTube was apparently merely biding its time while Verizon’s exclusivity deal ran its course before flipping the switch, so now we can all enjoy several hundred editor’s picks — the supposed cream of the YouTube crop — in mobile-friendly 3GP format (though word has it they’re eventually planning a full mobile implementation).

Initial testing on our Nokia N76 review unit suggests that 3G data is highly recommended, but we somehow suspect we’ll still manage to sink our productivity to record lows even on crappy EDGE. Hit up to check it out; we’ll be on the couch with our eyes glued to our phones if you need us.

Verizon exclusivity ends, YouTube Mobile opens the gates – Engadget Mobile

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Mobile Marketing – Press Release : Top Brands choose Blyk for Mobile Advertising

mars 27, 2007

CANNES, France, March 26, 2007 – Major brands, including Buena Vista, Coca-Cola, I-play Mobile Gaming, L’Oreal Paris, StepStone and mobile have confirmed that they will be among the first advertisers to use the Blyk network when it launches in the UK this summer.

Blyk is the first pan-European ad-funded mobile network. The medium offers 16-24 year-olds free mobile phone calls and texts in return for receiving advertising to their mobile handsets.

Blyk will work closely with this diverse group of advertisers to pioneer usage of its creative ad formats and sophisticated profiling system. The member profiling enables brands to build a dialogue with a highly relevant group of young consumers who welcome the interaction and information. The impact of the campaigns can then be tracked in real time, allowing advertisers to view, assess and adjust their activity accordingly.

Lee Jury, Executive Director of Buena Vista International, said; “We are
delighted to be working with Blyk, to ensure we can communicate relevant releases to selected demographics through this highly targeted, unique, measurable and personal channel.”

I-play Mobile Gaming CEO, David Gosen, said; “Blyk provides visibility on who and when people are playing mobile games, information which the industry has been sorely in need of. CRM is a basic business principle to driving revenues and building loyalty and we haven’t been able to put this in place until we have access to real data on what our customers are doing. Now, thanks to Blyk’s offering, we can start to have some transparency on this issue.”

”We are extremely pleased to be working with some of the most forward-thinking brands who value the direct access and accountability that Blyk provides. The diversity of brands reflects the broad range of advertising opportunities through the Blyk network.” said Jonathan MacDonald, UK Sales Director.

About Blyk
Blyk is a pan-European free mobile operator for young people, funded by advertising. For advertisers, Blyk is an innovative mobile media channel offering direct engagement with a young audience with real time feedback. Blyk was co-founded in 2006 by Pekka Ala-Pietilä and Antti Öhrling and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and London, UK. Blyk is launching first in the UK market in mid-2007, with other markets to follow.

For more information, visit

» PressBlog – Blyk

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Mobile Marketing : Questions for Enpocket CEO Mike Baker

mars 15, 2007

The mobile industry’s CTIA Wireless, a show covering wireless, broadband convergence and mobile computing, is just a few weeks away; and many companies will use the event to launch new ad products and partnerships.

Among those present will be Enpocket, one of the oldest surviving mobile firms. Enpocket enjoys a special relationship with Sprint, the carrier with arguably most vocal plans to sell and traffic mobile advertising. In the run up to the conference, ClickZ spoke with CEO Mike Baker about the trajectory of his company, that of the industry as a whole, and the state of budget allotments for advertising on handheld devices.

Q. Briefly, what’s the origin of Enpocket?

A. We started in 2001, and were active in Europe and Asia before being active in the U.S. Now the majority of our revenue and the majority of our company is based [in the U.S.], a reflection of market growth.

We focused on the brands that have the most to gain from mobile marketing, which are the mobile carriers themselves. Vodafone, Sprint, Virgin use our platforms to message their customers about buying services, ringtones, text messaging, and plans. First party promotional marketing that really shows up to a subscriber as receiving a text message or multimedia message.

Q. How has that carried over to the brand side?

A. We’ve done over a thousand campaigns for brands over the years. We started with a mechanism most people use, SMS; now we’re seeing greater adoption and doing brand campaigns that appear as display advertising within the browser.

What we’ve really learned is that the buyers, the brands and the agencies are confused by the fragmented niche players. Company one sells mobile media, company two delivers text messaging campaigns, company three builds mobile Web sites. [Marketers] want to work with a company that has experience executing the entire solution. Enpocket brings a total mobile solution, so marketers can deal with one company, soup to nuts. Plan, create, and optimize campaigns from a mobile device.

Q: Is that the advantage of offering a portfolio of services instead of a single service?

A. It’s a personal device. It can’t just be about banner ads. Marketers need more than just banner ads. We want to use the banner to draw people into highly engaging experiences, like a quasi-application that’s branded. For example, use the banner to let people know we’ve got a store finder on the mobile Web or that they can download a branded wallpaper or that they can sign up for text notifications of sales. We’re able to put all these things together to solve sales problems.

Mobile is complex enough without having to deal with a cadre of niche vendors. While focusing on a niche may be a nice differentiator, the market is too complex to expect advertisers to work with several companies to pull together a comprehensive mobile program. Our niche, if you will, is the complete solution.

Q. Do you see some sort of industry consolidation down the road?

A. I don’t worry about that. My view is that meshing together companies probably doesn’t create very integrated solutions. It needs to happen down on a platform level. We have a platform; the technology itself does all the things we need it to do. You can’t recreate it by cobbling Frankenstein’s monster of limbs.

My worry for the industry is that it’s not able to organize itself and show brands an effective place to spend money… I think the industry does need to come together to make it easier for brands and agencies to transact in the medium, making it simpler to buy or run campaigns, and syndicate the ad buying opportunities.

Q. What can be learned or carried over from Internet content and marketing?

A. It is a different medium… You can’t port Internet experiences to the small screen. Internet companies like Yahoo had to fundamentally rework the product offering on the channel. To succeed in mobile is not a given for Internet companies like Yahoo, Google, and MSN because it does require them to produce different assets, different experiences. They’re still in a very good position to leverage an adjacent opportunity in the mobile space.

In general I would say the display advertising market for mobile is very early. That said, I see a definite appetite among brands to engage in that sort of mobile advertising. This is a building year, a learning year, a testing year. The difference between this year and last year is that there are a lot more people testing. We’re really looking at later 2007 and 2008 for a pretty significant pick up for brands and advertisers moving from test mode to a recurring spend in mobile advertising.

Q. What is allowed by 3G and high-speed access?

A. We see a more actively engaged audience… Look at what broadband has done. It really led the interactive industry into the golden age. Without it, you’re back in the text messaging mode; with it, you’ve got the full palette.

The U.S. is very interested in rich media. The U.S. is different than Europe and Asia. Where I predict we’ll be ahead is in the use of the browser, and I think that will correlate directly with the roll-out of the 3G networks. The bandwidth allows an experience to click as often as you would on your desktop.

Q. Where does the industry stand on reporting and measurement?

A. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to create reporting like you would find on the Internet, like Internet advertising can do. Measuring on mobile is harder, because this medium doesn’t have cookies right now. The unique identifier, the numbers, are not always available unless somebody has consented to give it to the brand.

Q. What advice do you have for brands experimenting in the mobile channel?

A. Part of the value of spending money is learning, and if the reporting is not good then you’re not really learning. Learning what doesn’t work and why is as important as learning what does work and why.

Questions for Enpocket CEO Mike Baker

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Mobile Marketing – Press Release : Accenture Acquires Digiplug SAS

mars 15, 2007

Accenture Acquires Digiplug SAS, to Serve the Media, Entertainment and Communications Industries.

Digiplug, SAS was recently acquired by Accenture the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Accenture is a leading provider of digital media solutions to both content creators and distributors.

The acquisition of Digiplug is the first step in a larger effort to further strengthen and build Accenture Digital Media Services to provide a market-leading, comprehensive suite of digital content services that are scalable globally. By adding Digiplug’s expertise to its already robust set of digital media services, Accenture gains the capabilities to help companies that produce and distribute rich media content to optimise how they store, manufacture, distribute, track and exploit digital content while providing a consistent and personalized consumer experience.

These new services will help our clients stay ahead of the explosive demand for digital content and services. Industry analysts have predicted that mobile content the mobile content and services industry will grow by almost 70 percent over the next five years to more than $150 billion.


Le cabinet de conseil en management rachète la société française Digiplug (filiale du groupe japonais Faith), spécialisée dans la distribution de contenus (sonneries, logos et vidéos) sur téléphone mobile. Créée en 1998, elle affiche Warner, Universal, Sony BMG France et Proximus (opérateur mobile du groupe belge Belgacom) parmi ses clients.

Ce rachat coïncide avec la création de « Accenture Digital Media Services », une division qui sera chargée de fournir un service de distribution de contenus dématérialisés.

For more information go to

Digiplug News Releases Center

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Mobile Marketing – Press release : Proximity-based targeted mobile content gets fingers clicking at Virgin Mobile V-Festival

novembre 14, 2006

London, UK November, 6th 2006, Qwikker (, the leading provider of user-driven, on-location mobile content distribution, revealed today the results of its service installed at this years’ Virgin Mobile V-Festival. The results confirm that Bluetooth and the proximity-based model of distributing mobile content is a big hit with mobile consumers.

Qwikker’s service enables consumers to ‘connect and select’ mobile content at the point of interest through a non-intrusive, branded channel based system. Qwikker’s service takes advantage of Bluetooth to deliver rich content without network data charges.

The Virgin Mobile V-Festival is one of the most popular events of the music festival season with top-line acts performing across two festival sites in the UK. Innovation and consumer value are synonymous with the Virgin brand, and with this in mind Virgin Mobile turned to Qwikker to help festival goers connect with exclusive mobile content – through a dedicated Bluetooth downloadable Virgin Bites mobile channel.

Consumers who downloaded Qwikker’s Virgin Bites mobile channel were given a menu of content enabling them to browse, and then download music-related content of interest to them. Critically the Virgin content channel remains on the consumers’ handset, which is updateable over-the-air (OTA) – further extending the brand relationship.

Based at the Chelmsford Virgin Mobile V-Festival venue, Qwikker integrated its Bluetooth mobile content system to provide coverage across the entire festival site. Visual displays encouraged concertgoers to turn on their Bluetooth connection, who were then asked, on their phone screen, if they wanted to download the Virgin Bites mobile channel. The content, which was free of charge, included ring tones and videos from Morrisey, Kasabian and The Young Knives, as well as an exclusive video film trailer of Little Miss Sunshine.

Steve Rogan, Head of Sponsorship at Virgin Mobile, said “At Virgin Mobile we are always looking at ways to enhance our customers’ experience. By enabling the exclusive download of a choice of mobile content at the Virgin Mobile V-Festival, we ensured that customers could get really close to the bands interactively. The music and the fans are the most important thing after all. Qwikker’s service was well received and added real value to the overall festival experience”.

James Martin, European director of Qwikker, commented on the V-Festival’s success: “As the figures demonstrate, consumers are very receptive to mobile content delivered via Bluetooth when it’s relevant and they are given choice. Virgin and other leading brands recognise the opportunity to connect and interact with consumers in a targeted, contextual environment.”

Who downloaded what mobile content at the Virgin Mobile V-Festival:
In total, 12,410 festival goers downloaded Qwikker’s Virgin Bites mobile content channel enabling them to browse and download additional exclusive content items, setting a new bar for user-driven mobile content consumption..

– 34 % – The Kasabian ‘Empire’ video was the most downloaded mobile content
– 18 % – Morrisey’s ‘in the future when alls well’ video was the second most popular download
– 13 % – downloaded the Young Knives video and ringtone
– 12 % – downloaded the Morrisey ‘in the future when alls well’ ringtone
– 7 % – downloaded a RedBull video and – 5 % the Little Miss Sunshine video

About Qwikker
Specialists in proximity marketing services and content distribution, Qwikker provides a direct-to-mobile network of interactive service points across Europe and the US. Combining Qwikker’s Bluetooth technology with traditional physical advertising, brands can extend their relationship with consumers by offering a selection of desirable content (either free or premium), which can be downloaded onto mobile phones. Content can be anything from video clips, games, MP3s and ringtones, to artwork, mobile coupons, and links to WAP sites or phone numbers.

Qwikker Channels is a customized java application, which enables consumers to browse menus of content without having to use a data connection, and then download content and information via Bluetooth, WAP and SMS connectivity. The Qwikker, application and the content channels within it can be distributed from location-to-phone and then forwarded by consumers, phone-to-phone, giving brands the opportunity to leverage the power of peer-to-peer content sharing.

Qwikker maintains the largest direct-to-mobile location content network in the world, with over 650 Bluetooth enabled service points across the UK in pubs, clubs, concerts, festivals, cinemas, public spaces and the London Underground. Fast and easy to install, Qwikker’s portable service points can also be deployed for one-time or seasonal events. Brands which have leveraged the Qwikker network include Yahoo!, Channel 4, EA Games, Universal Music, 20th Century Fox, Robbie Williams/ ie: music, Nokia and Universal Pictures.

Backed by Sequoia Capital and Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Qwikker has offices in San Francisco and London.

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Mobile Marketing : Opera Mini Now Available for Treo and BlackBerry Devices

octobre 24, 2006

Today in Norway, Opera Software announced the availability of its Opera Mini browser software for Palm Treo and RIM BlackBerry devices.

Opera Mini, a free mobile internet browser, offers users an alternative for surfing the internet from their mobile devices. The company hopes to give users a faster, more secure and dynamic online experience. The free browser was launched in February of this year and so far has rendered over 1 billion web pages, and boasts over 7 million users globally.

Opera Mini is available for free download at

Opera Mini

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Pour surfer mobile, les Français préfèrent Samsung à Nokia, Sagem, NEC et Sony Ericsson

juillet 3, 2006

Les combinés du sud-coréen sont les plus utilisés pour se connecter au Web en mobilité

Avec les réseaux 2,5G et 3G, surfer sur le Net depuis son mobile devient de plus en plus confortable.

Selon une étude de XiTi Monitor, quelques constructeurs se partagent l’utilisation de l’internet mobile en France. Et c’est Samsung qui arrive en tête, loin devant Nokia, le leader mondial.

L’institut observe que 96,9% des visites internet de téléphonie mobile sur la semaine du 19 au 25 juin 2006 sont générées par dix marques.

Samsung, avec 27,9% des visites, est en tête devant Nokia (16,7%) et Sagem (11,7%). Derrière ce trio, on retrouve Nec (9,5%) et Sony Ericsson (9,4%). A elles cinq, ces marques réalisent trois quarts des visites Internet de téléphonie mobile.

De la 6ème à la 10ème position arrivent ensuite LG, Motorola, Siemens, Mitsubishi et Alcatel.

Enfin je n’ai pas trouver trace des capacités de wap ou surfe mobile sur le site de présentation Samsung du E900… trop de Marketing tue le Marketing… – Pour surfer mobile, les Français préfèrent Samsung

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