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Mobile Marketing – Press Release : Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 Hits Primetime

juin 21, 2007

New Version Packed with Additional Features Generally Available in US and Localized Beta Versions to Launch in 13 Countries Around the World on Friday

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and SINGAPORE, June 20, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ — CommunicAsia — The Internet on the mobile phone will take another big step forward with the launch of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 in general availability in the US and the availability of localized beta versions in 13 countries on Friday. Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO) initially unveiled the popular new service in beta in the US January 2007.

« Today’s launch signals to the world that Yahoo! Go is ready for primetime. With the tremendous consumer response to date we believe that Yahoo! Go will be a catalyst for broader adoption of the mobile Internet, » said Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Connected Life Division, Yahoo!. « People want easy access to the Internet on their mobile phones, and Yahoo! Go 2.0 offers content, access and answers wherever you are. »

Significant enhancements as Yahoo! Go 2.0 goes into General Availability in the US

The new version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 launches on Friday and will be available for more than 200 different mobile phones in the US by the end of July, expanding to more than 400 by end of year. It will also be pre-loaded on new devices from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC that begin rolling out later this year.

The new version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 makes it even faster and easier for consumers to enjoy the Internet on their mobile phone. Enhancements include:

— Faster than ever before — Greatly increased speed, including
substantially reduced loading time, makes it even more fun to use

— Even better e-mail — Ability to read more types of attachments,
including PDF files and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents,
and access to Yahoo! Mail folders

— More powerful maps — View both satellite and hybrid maps, current
traffic conditions and optional GPS integration on select devices,
including the BlackBerry(R) 8800

— Easier to stay connected — Search Yahoo! Address Book contacts to
call or get driving directions with one-click and view Yahoo! Calendar,
even search for specific entries

— Better mobile search results — Faster access to better results with
just oneSearch

Localized versions to launch in 13 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas

Less than six months after initially launching Yahoo! Go 2.0, the service will launch to millions of additional consumers in 13 countries on Friday. Consumers in Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, Thailand and Vietnam will be able to download and enjoy localized beta versions of the service. At launch the new beta versions for these countries will have much of the functionality as the US version and are supported by more than 200 different mobile phones by the end of July and that will expand to more than 400 by end of year.

For more information on Yahoo! Go 2.0 including the mobile phones that are currently supported, go to:

Yahoo! – Press Release

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Mobile Marketing – Press Release: Yahoo! Reinvents Search for the Mobile Web

mars 29, 2007

Yahoo! oneSearch(TM) Accessible Today Through More Than One Hundred Million Mobile Phones

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Mar 20, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO) has today expanded the reach of the popular new Yahoo! oneSearch service to the Mobile Web in the United States. Yahoo! oneSearch reinvents search to give consumers exactly what they want on their mobile device – instant answers. The innovative search service that initially launched in Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 is now accessible on more than 85 percent(1) of mobile phones through the mobile Web and is also available through the gamma version of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0.

The service leverages Yahoo!’s deep experience, investment and expertise in search on the desktop as well as relationships with leading content providers to deliver an un-matched search experience to consumers.

« Yahoo! oneSearch has already started to change the mobile search game by fundamentally improving the way consumers’ access and use the Internet on their mobile phones, » said Marco Boerries, senior vice president of connected life, Yahoo!. « Consumers that have tried oneSearch love it, telling us it’s easier and more helpful than any other mobile search services they’ve used. We are delivering the results consumers want with just one search, not a list of Web links. »

Yahoo! oneSearch is designed to make searching for and finding information as quick as possible for consumers by providing relevant results right on the page such as news headlines, images, business listings and more as well as easy navigation to other websites. For example, if a consumer wants to go to a movie this weekend, they just need to type the name of the movie into the search box. The search results would first list the movie, including a user rating, local theaters the movie is playing at, news headlines related to the movie and more. To dig more deeply into the results, a consumer would simply need to click on any item or category. For example, to see all the movies playing at a specific listed theater, just click on the theater name.

Yahoo! oneSearch on Yahoo!’s Mobile Web site has sponsored search results and display advertisements built into the experience, further extending the reach of Yahoo!’s advertising services to the mobile environment and enabling advertisers to reach consumers on their mobile devices across major mobile operators. Consumers can click on an ad to go to the advertisers’ mobile web site or a landing page to get more information about the advertisers’ offerings, including the ability to call the advertiser.

Yahoo! oneSearch will roll out in additional country and language versions over the coming months. For additional information on Yahoo! oneSearch please visit To try Yahoo! oneSearch on your mobile phone open your browser and type in

Press Release: Yahoo! Reinvents Search for the Mobile Web (MobileBurn)

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Mobile Marketing – Nokia Announces N80 Internet Edition

septembre 5, 2006

Nokia fires a shot across bows of Internet smartphones with its N80 Internet Edition, featuring VoIP, Wi-Fi, Yahoo services, three megapixel camera, and more.

Finland’s Nokia today announced its N80 Internet Edition mobile phone, a successor to its N80 multimedia phone, The N80 Internet edition can be used both as a stanard mobile phone and as a VoIP handset; Nokia promises users will be able to download and install clients for virtually any VoIP service. In addition to the standard smartphone capabilities—calendar, email, text messaging, organizer, etc.—the N80 enables users to find and map locations, browse the Internet, share photos, and more.

« Mobilizing the internet is a major strategic focus for Nokia and I’m excited to see how people can participate on the internet using the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, » said Ralph Eric Kunz, Nokia’s vice president for multimedia, in a statement. « The internet has evolved from static web pages to communities and people sharing experiences. I believe it will be multimedia computers, such as the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, that will be primary devices for people to participate in this phenomenon, in addition to PCs. »

Part of the N80 Internet Edition’s promise: Nokia’s new Download! client, which enables users to see new applications available for their phones, as well as download updates for their current applications. The N80 also sports a MiniMap function in its Web browser which plots search listings on onscreen maps, and compatibility with’s MobiPocket reader, plus Yahoo Go for Mobile and an integrated Yahoo search clients. Add to this a three megapixel video-capable camera, a 352 by 316 pixel color display, up to 40 MB of onboard storage (with expansion via miniSD cards), an integrated music player (MP3, AAC, m5a, eAAC_, and WMA), an FM receiver, Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless networking, and USB 2.0, Nokia may have reason to think they have a winner on their hands.

Nokia says the N80 Internet Edition will be available in two colors—pearl black and patina bronze—by mid-September. No pricing information is available: that’ll all depend on carriers and network operators.

Nokia Announces N80 Internet Edition – Mobile News – Digital Trends

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Les services de Yahoo Go for Mobile embarqués sur les mobiles Motorola

juillet 25, 2006

Motorola va embarquer les services Yahoo Go for Mobile sur plusieurs téléphones de sa gamme à partir de 2007.

Le fabricant américain a signé un accord avec le groupe internet, valable pour l’Europe, l’Asie et les États-Unis. Yahoo Go for Mobile inclut la messagerie électronique et instantanée, le calendrier, le carnet d’adresses ou encore les fonctionnalités de recherche de Yahoo ainsi qu’un accès direct aux rubriques d’actualités. La gamme de mobiles qui sera équipée n’a pas été précisée. Ni le montant de cet accord.

Yahoo a déjà signé un partenariat similaire avec le numéro un mondial Nokia en début d’année. Les services Yahoo Go sont disponibles en trois versions: pour le mobile, pour des téléviseurs reliés aux PC et pour les PC. Sur ces derniers, ils ne nécessitent pas de lancer un navigateur.

Avec une présence privilégiée sur les combinés des deux principaux fabricants de téléphones au monde, Yahoo s’assure désormais une longueur d’avance sur ses principaux rivaux, notamment Microsoft et Google, qui eux aussi proposent des versions mobiles de leurs services.

Les services de Yahoo Go for Mobile embarqués sur les mobiles Motorola – Actualités –

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